Sfida nella piramide! [It] Berserker Crew / Finson 2007

Are you ready to spend hours of pure computer fun trying to complete this particular solitaire? By eliminating the uncovered cards whose sum gives 10, you will discover others. You will have to eliminate all the cards arranged in a pyramid on the screen, but if the rules are extremely simple, it will not be as easy to win. Every time you fail to complete a game, you will immediately feel like trying again and the computer will launch a new challenge. No more cards falling under the table or wasting time mixing: now the computer shuffles, arranges the cards perfectly in order and worries that everything runs smoothly. You will have at your disposal six decks of cards: poker, briscola and various sets with extremely original and captivating graphics. The program stores the record score and offers options to further simplify the rules of the game. If you want to try your hand at a fun and exciting card game, PYRAMID CHALLENGE is just for you.
Italian ISO Demo 17MB (uploaded by myloch)

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