Omar Sharif 3D Bridge Ai Factory / Mindscape 2005

In this bridge game, you can have fun on three different levels: from amateur, through club, to tournament, where we will have to face Omar Sharif himself, who, as probably not many know, is not only a brilliant actor, but also a keen brigade player. But it's not that easy, because in order to climb to the top of the game, we first have to prove that we are champions as amateurs and club members. The game is strictly skill-driven and, contrary to what the producer says, is not the best choice for someone who has never been in contact with the bridge before. What distinguishes this production from other, similar ones, is its full three-dimensional graphic design. The environment looks very realistic, the clocks show the real time, and the elegant interiors are closely matched to the level of gameplay. You can adjust the lighting around you as you like. The game offers us both playing alone and online, with other players not generated by the computer.
Italian ISO Demo 71MB (uploaded by myloch)

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