Gercegin Otesinde: Beyond Reality [Tu] Cartoon Animation Studios 1997

This FMV adventure-style Turkish game features real characters playing on 3D virtual backgrounds. It was a long and costly shooting process to make the game. It was first introduced at Tüyap Multimedia, attracting great attention. A painful cry that shattered silence separated him from his innocent world. Everybody was covered in blood ... Was he lucky he wasn't dead or unlucky? He was alone now. In the fantastic world of darkness and fear. Features: Hundreds of photorealistic 3D environments designed with the support of interior designers; 28 actors consisting of professional local and foreign actors; With a flawless and immersive script that takes months to write; A super production from Detective Storm's producers to upset the world's play lists.
Turkish ISO Demo 655MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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