Il Ladro di Merendine [It] IM * Media / Sellerio 2001

This is the second multimedia game in a series of detective novels after "Il Cane Di Terracotta" featuring the character Inspector Montalbano that made ​​the Italian author, Andrea Camilleri, famous. The Snack Thief, the English translated title, was the third novel. It's an interactive cartoon, an illustrated story for computers. But above all, it's an exciting adventure in a famous novel. Reliving its intriguing atmospheres, with original dialogues by Andrea Camilleri, the reader-spectator-player can lead the Inspector Montalbano, step by step, towards the solution. Features: Italian dictionary with over 750 entries; 150 minutes of animation; 40 characters dubbed by Sicilian actors; 40 minutes of original music; 15 interactive games; 21 in-depth cards; 12 recipes.
Italian ISO Demo 661MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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