! Ben304 2009

This is a short free adventure game created with AGS. It was one of five nominees for Best Game Created with AGS for 2009 along with best music, gameplay, puzzles and programming. That fiendish Count Can't has gone and taken the town's monument for his evil purposes! The town's mayor has assigned !, Robot to the case - lend him your mind and your heart as you use your left mouse button to solve riddles and get the bad guy! Even exclamation marks can be used to create an ultimate doomsday device it seems. The demented Count Can’t is using a certain special “!” to perfect his evil laugh, which will make him unstoppable. Meanwhile, the town’s mayor assigns a robot to reclaim the stolen “!”. The game is unique for offering the player 6 screens in 1. Also, there’s no inventory, conversation puzzles dominate, and the color palette is limited for a very specific visual effect. Adventure game minimalism at its most beautiful.
Free Game 10MB (uploaded by AGS Archives)

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