Warman Oleg Dammer 2019

Early Access Release This is an action-adventure game with persistent hero progression. Fight hordes of enemies and explore the dungeon filled with traps, puzzles, secrets and various loot. Each run starts on an island where you gather your group or fight alone. Customize and enhance your equipment before exploring the tower. Features: Procedural generated levels combined with handcrafted rooms - A random layout of handcrafted rooms offer a difficult and new challenge each run; Persistent progression - Your heroes will retain their level and equipment from each run; Dungeon - Climb the tower, unlock milestones and skip those lower floors that you already mastered; Items - Random generated effects and the ability to customize and enhance them in various ways; Multiplayer - Play with your friends and climb the tower together. No group size limit; Enemies - An ever-increasing variety of enemies the higher you climb.
Download: None currently available

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