Orville, The: Interactive Fan Experience Messy Desk Interactive 2019

Early Access Release Step aboard the USS Orville (ECV-197) from the sci-fi tv show, the Planetary Union's finest mid-level exploratory class cruiser. With every room on every deck recreated with painstaking accuracy you are free to explore the weirdest ship in the fleet at your leisure, either alone or with friends in multiplayer. Current Features: Freely explore the ship in both first and third person as per the set layout at Fox Studios Stage 15; Sit at the helm and take the ship for a spin. Why not try and see if you too can "hug the donkey"; Jump into multiplayer with a few friends. Pick up a longbow and test out your marksmanship. See who can hold the bridge the longest; Character customization. Be who you want to be (WIP additional races and species are currently in development); Randomly synthesize a few nick-knacks at any of the ship's matter synthesizers. Pick them up and place them freely. Why not give Bortus and Clyden's quarters a quick spruce up; Take in the breathtaking views out of the Mess Hall windows of the Planetary Union Dockyard in Earth orbit; Send the ship into disarray with a variety of different alert modes, each changing the ambience throughout the ship. Find the one that best suits your mood. Or perhaps you've just got the urge to party like a Moclan; Completely original score with undertones and themes from the show by the legendary Patrick Phillips. Multiplayer in game text based chat. All in aid of the great Orville community spirit. Coming Soon: Fully native Roomscale VR support; Explore the entire ship re-imagined as a fully working starship. Every deck and every room fully accessible; Full NPC crew compliment, with places to be and jobs to perform; Fully functional environmental simulator. Run your favourite simulations from the show. (Yes yes ok - Even the Moclan Cove of Pleasure); Wander down to the Shuttle Bay and take a shuttle out for a joyride; Engage the Quantum Drive and seek out both new worlds and also some familiar ones. Awe over the volcanic plumes of Moclus or watch the sunset over Xelaya. Just watch out for those pesky Kaylons on your travels; A whole multitude of both single and multiplayer gamemodes.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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