Rendezvous with a Stranger: Forbidden Zone [Ru] ExE Software / Russobit-M 2001

Radioactive monsters come on your heels, bullets whistle over the long-suffering skull, but man’s debt is calling. The terrible monster is going to outrage the sexy beauty and only a scientist suffering from hyperpotension can save her. Along the way, you will have to appease the insatiable Inga, dive into the warm bed of the hotel owner Snezhana, spend a fabulous time with the big-breasted Leroy ... And all this in a fantasy world full of dangers and passions. Features: Fascinating erotic-fantastic plot; 6 of the most seductive girls; 3 storylines; More than 200 minutes of full-screen video; Excellent voice; More than 750 video clips; Original black humor; Gorgeous girls, absolutely ready for EVERYTHING; Alien presence.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 699+670MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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