Seed Hunter Wolf Knight / 2PGames 2019

Early Access Release This is a 2D Platformer with Roguelite elements. You’re the alien finding the missing source around universe, but you get into some trouble on the planet of Earth. Why all of human become monsters? How could this disaster happened? This Adventure will give you the answer. Battle with Strategy - If you want to challenge the giant monster and don’t want to be mincemeat slicing by their weapon, you need to watch and learn. Learning from your enemy is the only way you can survive. Arm by Weapons - Sure, dodging could be your first choice facing monster. But when you want to be the hero battling for the last second? You need to know how weapon works. We got tons of weapon just for you, but they are different with each other. Use them and learn from them, you can get better. Choose your Items - We can’t stand for an adventure with no fun. Try different items in Seed Hunter. A Cannibal Flower clear your enemy just one bite? Or Dragon!? Your Choice.
Download: None currently available

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