Yuurou: Transient Sands [J] Hervest 1997

Riku is a knight of the Yūrō Empire, part of a medieval fantasy world known as Varcias. One day, returning to Yūrō through the desert, Riku found a girl lying nearly unconscious on the sand. This girl is revealed to be Azusa, a modern-day Japanese schoolgirl who, thanks to a time warp, ended up in Varcias. Riku must now help Azusa return to her home world. But enemy forces are attacking Yūrō, and the Empress is in desperate need of assistance. This is an action RPG. The player controls Riku, manipulating him through vast hostile environments, returning to the town to rest and buy better weapons, armor, and healing items. Like in Ys games, Riku dispatches of his enemies simply by running into them. Accumulated experience points eventually raise Riku's levels, making him stronger. The game features explicit sexual scenes.
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Japanese ISO Demo + Scans (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
PC-98 Japanese ISO Demo + Scans *requires emu (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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