Ace Ventura 7th Level / Bomico Entertainment Software 1996

Borrowing from the Ace Ventura cartoon series, the game features all the same gags, mannerisms, and obnoxiousness from the world's famous pet detective - the kind of stuff that's so stupid, you have no choice but to laugh. And it's the humor that keeps the game afloat. Once again, Ace is on the case, this time traveling the earth looking for a lost creature. A lot of it is so simple, you'll figure out that the game is partly designed for young children. The objects and scenes have that bright, bulky Fisher Price quality. And if you ever actually get stuck, a special button on Ace's watch delivers audio clues that take out most of the guesswork. The various puzzle-filled scenes are sporadically broken up by arcade-lite action. Slightly challenging tasks like swimming through the murky waters of the deep, avoiding trash and oil slicks, and getting in a basic laser fight are a nice way to mix things up. This is a fun but short game.
Level Demo 24Mb ( @ Gamers Hell)
Full Demo 168Mb ( @ Fajnegry)
Full Demo 148MB ( @ GamesWin)
ISO Demo 210MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Italian ISO Demo 414MB (uploaded by vitali80)
Full Demo + DOSBox using Win3.1 461MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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