Electronic Super Joy 2 Michael Todd Games / 2&30 Software 2019

This is a brutally hard platformer, set in a world of brain-smashing electronic music. Run, jump, smash, & slice your way through 55+ weird & different levels, with giant monsters, swarming missiles & secret areas. Enjoy 4 brutally difficult Boss Fights, including stealing Mega-Satan's Butt, earning Slime-Daddy's love & murdering Santa Claus (he's gone insane & is eating all the reindeer). They say Mega-Satan has a butt made of Pure Gold... that grants wishes. This is the story of your quest, for the Devil's Golden Butt. Features: Play through 55+ pulse-pounding levels; Groove to 38 tracks of amazing music; Load your shotgun & fight through a DOOM-style FPS; Twist your way across the World Map, with 55+ levels, plus side challenges, secret levels, alternative pathways & collectibles; 8+ hours of gameplay; 4 HUGE Boss fights; Far too many dad jokes & bad puns. Gold Edition is a $15 DLC adds: 3 Bonus levels; A new ability (The Sky Dagger!); A new Boss fight (Derpy Dragon); New in-game music tracks; Includes full game soundtrack of 43 tracks (OST); Bonus EnV Jazz track; HD digital posters (3 of them!); In-development GIFs, screenshots; Behind the scenes developer sketches; 500mb of behind the scenes developer sketches, in-development GIFs, screenshot & gifs of the development dog, Max.
Gold Edition Screenshots
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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