Adam: Lost Memories AdamDubiGames 2019

Early Access Release This is a story driven psychological horror game, based on my personal experiences with child abuse. Fear in real life is not from zombies that want to eat your brain, or the ghost that came back from the after-life to open your fridge while you slept. True fear is when you cry in the corner of your small room for some food and water. True fear is when you are constantly shamed, terrorized, and humiliated for years. True fear is when you can't see the end of it. This game builds up an unforgettable and unique atmosphere from the beginning. This is not a walking simulator, and this game does not rely on jump-scares. You play as a mentally ill person who suffers from panic disorders. You play as me... I created this game because I wanted to show people how it feels to be a child who grew up in a family that's falling apart. Back then, the only thing I had was a book. When I read it again and again, it would sometimes feel like I was inside it, in a different place. For me, that was an escape from reality. Features: An Immersive first person experience; A physics based world, where you can interact with every object; Puzzles that you can solve in different ways; A completely narrated main story, by the professional voice actor Isaak Wells; 3D sound implementation for the best experience; Original music made by me; A true, original story that will change the way you see child abuse.
Download: None currently available

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