Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes - Complete Edition Grasshopper Manufacture Inc./ Marvelous Inc. 2019

Travis is living the trailerpark dream in the rural South when Badman comes knocking to avenge his daughter, Bad Girl. It looks like Game Over for Travis when both of them are sucked into the legendary Death Drive Mk II games console. This time, the games are taking the fight to you!. The characters of the Death Drive Mk II's diverse game library aren't going to go down without a fight. Slice your way through them with all the beam charging, pro-wrestling-finisher action you know and love – turned up to 11. Burn through your skill gauge and link special and regular attacks for some kick-ass combos. Mix-up your approach and own your playstyle. Play as Travis, Badman and – if you're a bad enough dude – maybe Shinobu and Bad Girl, too. This game was originally released for the Nintendo Switch in January 2019, with two sets of post-release content, “#1 Black Dandelion” and “#2 Bubblegum Fatale”. Features: Exhilarating Action Spanning Multiple Game Worlds; The legendary games console, the Death Drive Mk. II has a diverse games library that you can play. But each of those games has its own hero who might not be happy to see Travis, and each game’s world is drastically different from the others. Hack-and-Slash Co-op Action - Badman hates Travis for killing his daughter, but through a twist of fate the two end up fighting together. Have Travis and Badman team up for co-op play. Unleash their charge attacks simultaneously for a badass team attack. Co-op play requires two controllers. Using a combination of keyboard/mouse + controller will not work. PC Feature Support - Slice your way through enemies at resolutions higher than 1080p, and unlocked high framerates. Includes all previously released content, including: #1 Black Dandelion with Playable character Shinobu Jacobs, 2 Shinobu exclusive skills, 6 new Badman Adventure mode chapters, Usable after clearing the main game; #2 Bubblegum Fatale with Playable character Bad Girl, 2 Bad Girl exclusive skills, New stage Killer Marathon, 1 new Travis Adventure mode chapter. Skills/Character usable after clearing Killer Marathon.
Download: None currently available

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