Lonepath Bogdan Zigmund 2019

This is an atmospheric mystery game with a 1940s-inspired aesthetic, in which retired police officer turned detective Elric Greenhill sets out on the tail of a serial killer. Discover how, and, perhaps more importantly, why this murderous individual leaves behind gruesome calling cards, as well as his ultimate reasoning for the murders. After all, the premise may just hide more than it would seem at face value. A motivation for murder - Discover who is behind a series of recent murders, as well as the killer’s unusual reason for committing said murders. More than a single ending - Info in a murder case comes from multiple sources, so why should there only be one ending? Piece together the whole story by choosing different options as the game progresses. Snap out of it - Detective Greenhill doesn’t carry a notebook – because that would be far too convenient. He does, however, have his trusty camera, which can come in handy at certain points. School’s back to haunt you - If you thought math class was scary, how about encountering some visitors of the long dead variety? Just so you know, they aren’t too fond of getting their picture taken. Depending on how you choose to approach the investigation, you’ll explore different locations in the pursuit for clues of what’s ultimately going on. Greenhill has plenty of experience matching disparate clues, and to solve the case, he won’t leave any stone unturned. Neither should you. Interact with other characters to find out more information about their motivations and fears. You can even ask an old friend for help, if the path you’ve taken through the story so dictates. Take plenty of pictures along the way, as they’ll help in progressing the story and even fill in a few details about the events taking place in the game. Just be careful where you take them.
Download: None currently available

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