Memories Bai En Entertainment 2019

This tells the story of modern urbanites in order to survive and benefit and spread out the urban picture of intrigue.There are layers of intrigue, mean-spirited calculations, unscrupulous self-sacrifice, shady power strikes.Three images of different leading roles, more than 10 interests of all kinds of supporting entanglement, they will pass their wonderful interpretation, for everyone staged a money, power, desire of the forest law.The group never realized that a real hunter had set his sights on them. The game scenes of "Memories" are all shot with real scenes. All props and scenes are shot with real people and objects. The game perspective is VR, which will bring you a very fresh experience. "Memories" is not AB's choice of drama, but to promote the plot by solving puzzles, allowing players to find scattered plots in the process of solving puzzles, and some plots are hidden Easter eggs, which can only be found by advanced players. However, the hidden parts do not affect the overall game experience.The overall difficulty of the puzzle is challenging but not fatal, and if the card is closed, you can find a way through it by prompting. In the end, the quality of the "Memories" is far more than its selling price, I believe you will not regret buying it.
Download: None currently available

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