Barbie Jewelry Designer Mattel Media 1998

Design and Make Your Own Jewelry. Play on your computer to design all kinds of jewelry you can wear. Mix and match colors, patterns and pretty designs to make it your way. Using an ink jet printer, print favorite designs on the Print 'n Shrink material, cut them out and bake in the oven. They shrink into colorful plastic jewelry that's fun to put together and wear. Plus you can make bead jewelry by designing letters and pictures. Print on stickers to decorate square beads for a different look. Change beads over and over again by designing and printing new stickers too. Everything you need is included to make matching sets of necklaces, earrings and more. Plus make a matching charm for your Barbie dolls. Design colorful matching sets of real necklaces, bracelets, pins and more. Create your look by mixing colors, designs and stamps in five fabulous themes. Personalize by adding names, special messages and more. Print favorite designs on the special Print 'n Shrink material included. Print stickers to decorate square beads included too. Bake and shrink your plastic jewelry in the oven. It's easy, just cut the printed plastic sheets and bake. Make colorful plastic jewelry that's fun to put together with lots of decorating supplies included. Wear your real jewelry anywhere. Here's what's inside for incredible jewelry making fun: 4 sheets Print 'n Shrink material for Ink Jet printer (not for use with laser printers); 2 sheets of Avery printer-compatible adhesive labels for beads; 24 jump rings; 20 plastic square beads; 12 round plastic beads; 1 cord; 4 earring clip backs; 2 pin components; One set double-sided adhesive; Cardboard piece for baking; User guide.
ISO Demo + Scans plus Mirror 50MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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