SuperCan [Tu] Sobee Studios / Türk Telekom 2011

This is the first game in a Turkish action-adventure series for children ( 7+) and environmentalists. The story begins with SuperCan's journey to rest after many adventures. SuperCan, who plays I Can Football ( another Turkish game from same company ) on the plane, is forced to abandon this enjoyment with a message from his pager. Because robots that cut down trees emerge and start to destroy the forests of the world one by one. Of course our hero SuperCan does not remain indifferent to this and embarks on an adventure. Supercan's War Against Enemy Robots Begins. The future of our planet is in danger. Evil robots have taken action to cut down all our trees and pollute nature. Supercan and his friends who fought against them need your support. You're not alone on this difficult mission. Spiderman, Iron Man and the Hulk will be there for Supercan whenever you need them. Turkey's first super hero for children. Two robots trying to pollute the nature and embarked on a relentless struggle against the hidden power behind it. In this wonderful adventure his sister Canan, who has not left SuperCan alone, helps him. When the developer closed, this was released as freeware.
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Turkish Freeware Game 421MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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