Champion Dreams: First to Ride / Pippa Funnell: Take the Reins Lexis Numérique SA / Ubisoft Entertainment SA 2006

This is a game based on the Sycamores Equestrian Academy in Scotland. The player takes the role of the new entrant at the academy. At the centre of the game is the player's calendar. Here they place the lessons in their chosen activities as they train in cross-country, dressage or jumping. When not training the player can spend time in the library learning how to look after their horse or research their activity. In the player's bedroom the player can activate their Bootik computer which allows them to buy items with their prize money. There is also a Student Centre where the player socializes with other characters, an important feature of the game. Each week, in game time, the player is assessed, only by passing these tests can the player compete in competitions in Scotland, Morocco, or the USA.
2CD ISO Demo 1.01GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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