Rendezvous With A Stranger 4: Student Adventure [Ru] Experience Entertainment Software / GIGABIT 2002

Everyone knows that student life is full of surprises and surprises, but student years are a time of true friendship, true love and sincere fun. You are given a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of bright and far from always innocent entertainments of students of one of Moscow universities and become an witness to unforgettable adventures, the main participant of which will be you yourself. You will meet five charming girls who, perhaps, want a closer relationship with you than simple friendship. You will repeatedly find yourself in very piquant situations, for the resolution of which you will need a lot of ingenuity and common sense. You will visit the student dormitory, take up fitness in the gym, try to pass the exam by a beautiful, but very strict young teacher ... in short, you will not be bored. You are a male student, and one morning you find a naked girl in your dorm room's shower. Your first task is to find and bring back her clothes, which she left in another room. Then you need to get prepared for the exam (which is later that day) and pass it one way or another. Traditional for the series, the game is an interactive dating simulation with live actors. By dialogue choices and also by collecting certain items and using objects ('turn around' button) you can make the girls you meet strip or seduce them and advance the story in different directions. In a certain scenario you can play a game of backgammon. This is the first game in the series where you can save and load you progress at any moment (outside FMVs). Immerse yourself in the world of bright and sexual entertainment of students of one of Moscow universities. Witness an unforgettable adventure, the main participant of which will be you yourself. A version for DVD players was released in 2009.
Russian DVD5 ISO Demo 3.53GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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