Paul Romano Cristian Tiberi 2019

A modern adventure looking retro to rediscover the charm of the point&click games. Me!? I’m Paul Romano. It was the midnight of an ordinary Friday. Reached the top of the skyscraper where he works, Paul Romano thinks back to the highlights of his life, starting exactly from the first assignment entrusted to him several years ago: get back a sum of money from a local dealer of which no traces were now to be seen. But what is the real reason that prompted him to engage this reflection? Play the part of Paul Romano and discover through his first recollection how his inner journey has began. Move inside a New York City now subdued to the power of corruption and money, pursuing your objectives. Use your brain to solve puzzles that will present in front of you, interact with the characters that you will meet through your adventure to find more about Paul Romano’s world or just to defuse misfortune of everyone’s life. An old school point & click adventure revised where meet new contamination of styles and classic elements, inspired by adventures from the ‘80s and ‘90s, with a 800x600 resolutions and 32-bit colors; 15 interactive characters and about 20 NPC to encounter along the way interpreted by real people; Original soundtracks composed by Carlo Romano Settanni; Approximately 3-6 hours of gameplay (or more), depending on your skills, with various and hilarious dialogues and challenging puzzles of increasing difficulty; More or less hidden quotes in tribute to our beloved videogames, anime, cartoons, TV series and movies.
Free Game 328MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

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