Until You Fall Schell Games 2019

Early Access Release Fight. Fall. Rise again. Rokar has fallen. Once a civilization fueled by a magical power called Aether, the Rokari have been destroyed by a Calamity of unknown origins. Now, monsters and twisted spirits wander these crystallized ruins. As the last remaining Rune Knight, you alone can fight back these horrors. With the help of a mysterious Runesmith, you will forge the weapons needed to complete your campaign. Put your sword fighting skills to the test as you use both magic and melee to fight twisted enemies in an unforgiving environment. Battle, gather currency, and forge new weapons to grow stronger. Should you fall in combat, you will rise to return more powerful than before. From the team behind I Expect You To Die, this rogue-lite will force you to find and master your martial style using different weapon combinations for hours of dueling fun. Features: Arm yourself with two unique weapons and define your own fighting style; Each run features randomized rewards, enemy configurations, and rooms - no two attempts are quite the same; Customize your weapons within a run with over 30+ unique traits and augments; Earn Aether each run to craft and upgrade your weapons permanently; A variety of neon-tinged arenas where you can fight your enemies; Driving Synthwave (Swordwave?) soundtrack to keep you fighting; Customizable field of view vignetting to let you move comfortably in VR.
Download: None currently available

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