Vanishing Realms: The Sundered Rift Indimo Labs LLC 2019

Complete the epic adventure with this expansion and finale. Explore new lands, master new weapons, assemble a relic of mighty arcane power and battle a host of new foes while you forge a hero's path to the heart of The Sundered Rift. Dark times are upon these lands, for a Servant of the Black Pit has stolen from the Dragon Guardians the secret of their arcane fire. With such power, this Winged Corruptor has driven out the last of the Guardians, and unleashed a horde of minions upon once peaceful Realms. Unfettered, they sow chaos from tree to tower, from sacred grove to deepest cavern. Only one Dragon remains, waiting in silent vigil just beyond evil's reach. For the bright Blue Egg you carry, she keeps a tireless watch. Once again the Ancient Gods summon you. Take up sword and shield, axe and spear, and defend the last of the Vanishing Realms. Six distinct new realms, each beautifully hand-crafted for VR. Watch from a sheltered cove as the the moon rises over the sea, surrounded by birdsong discover deep forest groves by dawn, see clouds in twilight moving over mountains, walk upon the bleached bones of a colossus onward to windswept canyons and the deadly desert beyond, in a gathering storm ascend a thousand stairs leading to the heart of a dying peak, traverse a bottomless crevasse, discover secret caves, waterfalls, ruins, wander a mist-enshrouded swamp, loot treacherous dungeons and more. New weapons to master, including an enchanted throwing hammer, deadly throwing axes, war-spears, bashing shields, shields to ward off blade, arrowhead or flame, quick-firing elven bows, hard hitting long-range bows, new two-handed weapons and an epic relic of such Shall Not Here Be Named. 10 new monsters and diabolical automata with unique combat mechanics. Challenge yourself with over 15 new achievements. Experience the thrill of face-to-face melee combat, explore, climb, mine, unravel the clues within poetic riddles, detect and defeat traps, solve puzzles, ride mystic levitating stones, follow spirit animals to healing groves and ancient gateways, all in a regenerating human-scale VR world.
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