Kine Gwen Frey 2019

This is a three-dimensional platform game with logical and musical elements, in which players control a group of funny robots. The game offers many puzzles with varying difficulty levels and interesting graphic design using cel-shading technology. It was made by independent artist Gwen Frey as a debut independent project (Gwen was also a co-founder of The Molasses Flood, known for The Flame In the Flood). The main characters are three yellow robots-musicians - Euler, Quat, and Roo. The protagonists try to form a band, but they are trapped in a strange, dark place. Achieving the goal will, therefore, require dealing with many different challenges and finding a way out. It's a three-dimensional platformer. The gameplay is based on completing successive levels, which requires a certain level of dexterity, as well as solving logical riddles using the specific features of individual protagonists - more specifically, the musical instruments they possess, which can be used for example in the role of... a pole or a ladder. The shape of individual robots is important here - for example, reversing the hero may allow him to fit in a particular place. Included in the game is an interesting system that allows players to undo moves that have already been made - so they can correct mistakes and calmly look for the right solution. As the game progresses, one also discovers the consecutive chapters of the storyline.
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