ReadySet Heroes Robot Entertainment / Sony Interactive Entertainment 2019

This is an original action game, created primarily for multiplayer entertainment. The title was developed by the makers of Orcs Must Die! It takes players to a fantasy world. When the land was attacked by the forces of evil, the gods created vast dungeons; warriors aspiring to be heroes could develop their skills there, so that they could face the invaders. The player takes on the role of one of such beginner heroes; although the adventure begins only with a wooden sword, one has a chance to become one of the champions. However, it is complicated by the fact that it is not the only one who has taken up this challenge. The action is shown from the top-down perspective. Players start the game by choosing a protagonist, whose appearance can be adjusted to individual preferences. During the game, one travels through various locations (e.g. caves) filled with lava, haunted cemeteries, and splendidly decorated castles. These places are full of pitfalls to avoid, puzzles waiting to be solved, and all sorts of enemies (lead by a boss waiting at the end of each stage). The game is worth playing because during each playthrough, players gain more and more powerful equipment and spells. It is worth hurrying at the same time, because the remaining heroes are constantly trampling on our heels. If you manage to reach the end as the first, you still have to seal our victory, winning the arena or even succeeding in a snail race (in which the goal of each hero is to clear the way for his rider). Although it can be played alone, the title unfolds wings during multiplayer gameplay over the Internet or on a split screen. Up to four players can play on their own or work in teams of two.
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