Rendezvous with a Stranger: Island Instinct [Ru] GFI, Experience Entertainment Software / Gigabit, Russobit-M 2004

Exotic countries are the dream of any tourist. Exotic women are the dream of any intelligent man. And if you take these two dreams and how to spice it up with exciting adventures, then we will get an unforgettable vacation in one of the paradise corners of the planet. A chic hotel by the sea hospitably opens the door for you. Six amazing girls with pleasure fall into the abyss of resort novels, and in front of a meeting with the local underworld, a shipwreck, an uninhabited island and, of course, dazzling beauties, ready for anything. * Island instinct * - submit to nature. Additional information : filming took place on the Turkish coast; 6 of the most seductive girls; fascinating story; more than two hours of high-quality erotic video; sun, sea, beach, girls, shopping and extreme. Originally on PC, an interactive DVD5 censored release came out in 2009 for playing on dvd player and remote.
Russian DVD5 Full Demo 2.98GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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