Wallace & Gromit: Print-O-Matic BBC Multimedia & Aardman 1998

The world is your canvas with Wallace & Gromit's Print-o-Matic. You can create writing paper, posters, ID cards, certificates, bookmarks, greeting cards, crumb catchers, gift wrap, invitations, gift tags and labels all with the help of special templates supplied. The Picture Tab contains 140 exclusive images of Wallace & Gromit, Feathers, Preston, Wendolene, Shaun the sheep and more. The Background tab allows you to personalise your work by choosing from a range of colours and styles. The Stamp Tab has over 50 stamps to enhance your designs and the Text Tab allows you to design your own text by choosing font, colour, style and size. The Tools tab allows you to print out your masterpieces as well as erasing a picture or text box if you decide you want to change, or clearing the template completely if you wish to start again. If you need to print out gift wrap for a large present, simply print out lots of copies of your gift wrap and tape them together.
ISO Demo 86MB (uploaded by ryanpcworld)

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