Don Quixote: A Multimedia Storybook Ebook Inc. 1992

This is one of a series of multimedia interactive cd-roms of classic literature. This talking Multimedia Storybook, designed specifically for the Multimedia Personal Computer, immerses the reader in the world of Miguel de Cervantes classic novel. The plot revolves around the adventures of a noble (hidalgo) from La Mancha named Alonso Quixano, who reads so many chivalric romances that he loses his mind and decides to become a knight-errant (caballero andante) to revive chivalry and serve his nation, under the name Don Quixote de la Mancha. He recruits a simple farmer, Sancho Panza, as his squire, who often employs a unique, earthy wit in dealing with Don Quixote's rhetorical monologues on knighthood, already considered old-fashioned at the time. Don Quixote, in the first part of the book, does not see the world for what it is and prefers to imagine that he is living out a knightly story. Using a combination of original Animation, Art and Music, kids enjoy a fascinating array of moving pictures. beautiful music and colorful graphics. The story can be interactively read (the complete narration is recorded on the disc) and has highlighted text used to define difficult words and associated sounds. The disc is also designed so the story narration and music tracks can be enjoyed by playing on a standard audio CD player.
ISO Demo 403MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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