La Voce del Violino [It] IM*MEDIA / Sellerio editore Palermo 2002

The player's goal is to guide Inspector Montalbano to the resolution of the case, following the right tracks, finding the necessary objects, but also, making it behave in the most coherent manner with his personality. In error, two counters come into play: the bad mood and the penalties. Malafiure: It is necessary to pay attention not to make too many mistakes, because a mistake (bad figure) is collected for every mistake. More than 24 ills created Montalbano will be forced to retire. It is possible to decrease the level of ill-treatment by solving the games that will appear during the story. Penalty: At the same time, every single mistake made (even the call made to the wrong person, which is not counted as a bad word) is recorded in the penalty area. This eventually constitutes the overall score of the game which can be published directly on the website dedicated to La Voce del Violino. At the end of the game, in fact, you can enter your name and then compete at a distance with the other players of La Voce del Violino. The Voice of the Violin presents numerous new features compared to the previous titles (in addition to graphic and animation improvements) which can be summarized as follows: pause the game by clicking on the Stop button; review the individual chapters already played, by clicking on the Chapters button once a game has been loaded; print the recipes by clicking on the Print button contained within each recipe; Pen counter, to count all the mistakes made during the navigation / game consultation; Possibility of competing remotely with other players by entering your score on this site. The score in the case of La Voce del Violino will also be calculated by counting the bailouts: with the same score, the one with the lowest number of saves will be considered the best. Features: Italian dictionary more than 600 entries, 200 minutes of animation, 45 characters dubbed by Sicilian actors, 60 minutes of original music, 10 interactive games, 20 in-depth cards, 10 recipes.
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