Star Academy: Audition! Monte Cristo / Ubisoft 2008

The player arrives at Star Academy after receiving a letter from headmaster Maurice Bergen, inviting to an audition to the autumns classes. When the player has reported his or her presence at the groundskeeper Mr. Grimp's, he or she must take a dance class with Miss. Rita and a singing class with Mrs. Graham. After completing the two classes, the auditioning students gathers in the school aula, where the player realizes that you need a CD with music for the first audition. The students all redirect to the musical genius Kevin, who help the player to record music to a song. After completing the first audition, the player has to find out when to perform after the lunch hours. Lance, a boy also auditioning, offers to check the time and send a text message, so that the player with friends may leave the school for a few hours. Therefore the player goes with one of the auditioning girls to the mall. After spending some time in different stores the player returns to school, to practice both dance and song. It turns out that Lance sent the wrong time for audition on purpose - and all the teachers have left the school. The students urge the player to go to the ice cream bar Leonardos, where both teachers and students often spend their free-time. The player succeeds in persuading the teachers to perform at Leonardos stage, and the teachers invite the player for a new audition the next day, though no of them acknowledges Lance's part in the missed audition. The player returns to school the next morning, but it turns out that someone has stolen the schools expensive sound systems, as well as one of Kevin's very important hard drives. With the help of the dog Disco, the player finds Kevin's hard drive, but very soon it's called out in the speakers that Lance and Lilith have "found" the sound systems and returned them to the teachers. The player remains suspicious, but has no evidence that something foul was going on.
Russian ISO Demo 341MB (uploaded by redunka)

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