Garfield Lasagna World Tour EKO Software / Blast Entertainment Ltd., Conspiracy Games 2007

Garfield is back, funnier and wackier than ever. The PAWS TV channel is organizing a treasure hunt "The Lasagna World Tour" and guess what? Garfield and his hungry stomach are ready for the challenge, especially for the chance to win his weight in lasagna for life. Accompany Garfield through 10 vast levels of lasagna munching action. Explore Mexico, Italy and Egypt to find those elusive clues. Play, ride and give orders to Odie and chase around on his back with hilarious results. Dress Garfield up as a soccer player, cowboy, a fakir or a chef and obtain some hilarious super powers. Switch to multi-player mode to make the mini games into a family game.
Full Demo 573MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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