Galata [Tu] Infinity Experiments 1996

The Galata Tower is one of the not so many attractions of modern Istanbul, inherited from the Ottoman capital from medieval Constantinople. And in the history of science and technology, she is captured with almost less expressiveness than her famous colleague from Pisa: shortly after Galileo successfully conducted his experiments in Italy, someone Khezarfen Ahmed Celebi, according to legend, flew on makeshift wings through The Bosphorus, jumping in 1632 from the top of the Galata tower and successfully landing in the Asian part of the city. It was this story that formed the basis of a small adventure, or rather, as the cover says, this "adventure cartoon". The action takes place these days; we play for a guy named Iko, who enters the Galata Tower (now a museum) in order to find the secret knowledge of the first Turkish balloonist stored there. Drawn graphics - bright and "cartoony"; the picture is displayed in perspective from a third party, as befits an actually interactive cartoon. What is especially noteworthy is the complete absence of voice acting and almost no text messages whatsoever, with the exception of a couple of books and notes: in other words, knowledge of the Turkish language is not required at all to get to know Galata . The music is quite pleasant, and in the original edition it was also duplicated as CD Audio tracks (currently unavailable). The main menu interface is intuitive: “Yeni Oyun”, that is, “New Game”, means creating a profile for saving; Başlar loads the previous game, and Sil deletes the contents of such a cell. The return arrow in the lower left corner allows you to log in; on the right is the volume control, and the developer’s logo in the center when you click on it shows a list of authors. Management in the game itself is built on the familiar point-and-click system: the “smart” cursor takes the form of “tracks” for moving and a “magnifying glass” for interacting with objects and characters. In other cases, he shows a transparent hand, - perhaps this moment should be considered one of the main disadvantages of the game: Iko can only move to certain places, and for operations with active points you need to come closer to them, so an impressive fraction of the time will have to be spent in search of suitable places for the character's location. The inventory in the form of a small panel with icons opens when you right-click and allows you to only select any of the collected items for use on the main screen. There are not many locations here: during our investigation of the Galata tower, we will visit ten of its floors, including the basement, each such room occupies a separate screen, in the lower part of which there is an elevator, and is accessible almost immediately after the start, that is, there is no element of non-linearity it is present in the game (although it is often required to have useful items from others to go through some floors). The rooms are very diverse and populated by the most unexpected inhabitants: pirates, cyclops, giant spiders, an angry dog, hungry lions, etc. (yes, these are the secrets that a simple Turkish museum hides). As you might guess, one wrong step in such conditions is fraught with instant death - fortunately, in this case we always return to the starting position before committing an erroneous action. A large-scale adventure from Galata is hardly worth the wait: with some skill, you can complete the whole game to the end in less than a quarter of an hour. However, nice pictures, pleasant music, funny puzzles, and most importantly, rarity and little-known people deserve to fight with not the most obvious controls and spend some time exploring the Galata tower.
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