Konrad och Nobelmysteriet [Sw] ICON Medialab AB / Rabén Multimedia AB 1997

Konrad is a private detective who travels the world looking for his parents. They are archaeologists and have been missing for many years. When this game begins Konrad and his companion Molvid are on their way to Stockholm and the Nobel Prize Ceremony where they are to meet Professor Edvin Xtra who is being awarded the prize for inventing a machine that can shrink anything. The professor is supposed to have information about Konrad's parents. However when arriving at the Stockholm City Hall both the professor and the machine have disappeared and now it's up to the player to find the professor and prevent the machine from ending up in the wrong hands. This is a point and click adventure game. Gameplay involves interacting with the various characters that Konrad will come across and collecting items that are needed. Items can then be given to characters or combined with others to make it possible to progress through the game. For each location a certain amount of information has to be gathered and then a new location will become available. Konrad and Molvid travels between the locations in their van. In the van there are various tools that can be used. When starting out the player has to search the van for Konrad's detective tools (such as a magnifier and a invisibility pen) that are needed to find clues. The van also has a computer with scanner that can be used to analyse the various items that the player has picked up. There is also a closet in the van. To get into the city hall Konrad has to pick the right outfit to blend in.
Swedish ISO Demo 80MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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