Prince Spøgelsesjagten På Tågernes Slot [Da] Ultimatum 1999

This Danish adventure game was formally created to promote the Prince chocolate cookies, but “inside” not containing the slightest advertising hints, except the fact that the Prince himself (depicted on packages with the said confectionery) seems to be our protagonist. Our hero somehow (and for some reason) ends up in a small old English haunted castle, where he begins to inspect objects and study the history of this place and the family living here; there is also a hint that it is necessary to completely collect the equipment of the “ghost hunter” in order to be able to withstand the spirit of Mordred mentioned in the introductory video (probably referring to the character of Arthuriana), in order to finally catch it. It is completely incomprehensible to whom this game was intended for: it’s not at all “children's fun”, but the most “horror quest” with a first-person view. Perspective of the view is from the first person; all actions are carried out using the mouse cursor, which by default has the shape of the palm of a skeleton. If near the edge of the screen it leans to the left or to the right, then by clicking it you can move in this direction (and a second video will be shown in the form of a “rotation”), and if her index finger starts near some point to perform the function for which I received the name, then with the object or object located there, some kind of interaction is possible: when you click on it with the left mouse button we will be shown part of the room with it close-up; To exit this mode, you need to move the cursor to the lower border of the screen, so that the hand turns into something like a pebble, and again click. There is an inventory visualized in the form of a wooden “hanger panel”. Riddles are built primarily on the search for objects through "hunting for points" and their subsequent application in the right places, often involving a kind of "chain": for example, in order to take the key, "guarded" by a poltergeist, you must first find a wooden cross, " appeasing "of the spirit - and only then we will get the opportunity to open the chest, where another valuable thing is stored. It is noteworthy that the first (most likely) item that the player will find is the so-called "hand of glory" (the dried upper limb of the gallows, supposedly - according to European medieval legends - having various magical properties), with which you need to light a fire in a fireplace, executed in the form of a monster similar to "Jack's lamp." However, the information necessary for the passage, you have to extract from the "tips", which are videos - very good in quality and atmospheric (but, of course, creepy) that start when you click on certain objects. Most of them show a change of black-and-white photographs of people (and not quite people) and buildings, and there is a story voiced in a “mysterious” voice (the only actor involved did a wonderful job), a story dubbed with subtitles in the form of paragraphs of text that for some reason can be move (!) with the cursor; To exit the roller mode, you need to click on the inconspicuous tablet in the lower left corner. I must say that there are enough "horrors": the already mentioned fireplace; someone's diabolical laughter and other otherworldly sounds, now and then heard from somewhere; pentagram on the floor of the room; a levitating book with drawings similar to those for children, the text on the first pages of which is dated to the first half of the 16th century, and to the last by today's date (that is, the day you started the game). The graphics are very atmospheric; albeit the scene is limited, in fact, to one castle hall, but each of its nooks is interesting in its own way: capital masonry, knightly armor hiding a skull in itself, a portrait with running eyes, grunting with displeasure if you disturb him with a click, brightly red curtains, a brick protruding from the wall, and so on - and it’s all clearly drawn. The verdict is a surprisingly good thing, but intended by no means for children, but for fans of mystical adventures.
Danish ISO Demo 148MB (uploaded by

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