Hovering Castle [Bu] Hristo Bozhinov 1992

Meet the first exclusive Bulgarian PC-game. This is a side-view quest that almost does not contain what is the basis of any representative of games in this direction. Yes, yes, there is a plot but it is almost not observed here. Actually, we only know that a certain person - our protagonist - fell into the mysterious “hovering castle” full of traps, secret passages, strange objects and other things - and now he has to get out of here. Accordingly, the gameplay is wandering around the premises of the said castle and solving all kinds of puzzles, the interaction with the surrounding objects and objects (some of them can be placed in your inventory), and - note - by manually entering text commands in Bulgarian. Sometimes whole sentences consisting of three or more words will have to be printed, so any knowledge of the language of the fraternal people is absolutely necessary. There is a high risk of death, and what is often happening - especially in the case of wrong actions - is accompanied by malicious ones ( and, like teams, textual) comments. Visually, our hero looks like a white silhouette. Of course, one could, on the basis of this alone, recall the unpleasant slogan “Play the morgue!”, But it would be much better to take a closer look at the environment. Take a closer look - and notice that, surprisingly, the backgrounds of the locations are not so bad: the objects and all kinds of “decor” are catastrophically small, and everything looks very monotonous, but after all they made this back in 1992 by only three students: Hristo Bozhinov (main author), Ivan Kolev and Stanislav Evstatiev. And they created their creation for the sake of pleasure - more precisely, maybe the sales were originally planned, but in the end the game saw the light as completely free, distributed through BBS. And preserved, by the way, a real miracle. Yes, this thing is really capable of, let's say, "surprise" - but still it is unique and charming in its own way.
Bulgarian Free Game 340kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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