Curse of the Caribbean Pirate Queen Grasland Production / Redfire Soft 2008

This is a third-person role-playing game with adult and action elements. Captain Arrow is searching for the treasure based on an incomplete pirate map. The only missing piece of the map is to show the last part of the path to the treasure. Suddenly, Captain's ship, Sea Jolly, led by Queen Pirates, is occupied by buccaneers and taken into captivity by her crew. Arrow follows Sea Jolly all the way to the mysterious island, where he builds not only a pirate hunt, but also a horde of zombie pirates, once buried in the sand of the island long ago. In order to rescue his crew, the captain must resist the erotic magic of the Queen of Pirates. The game is more like an arcade action in an attractive 9-level 3D interface, with a host of animations and lots of detail. In the role of Captain Arrow, there are many pitfalls lurking in saving your ship's crew and finding treasure on the island. Not only crocodiles and zombies are threatening your mission, but also a pirate queen trying to seduce you in one piece.
Download: None currently available

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