Life of Christ, The Discovery Interactive 1999

This contains 40 narrated multimedia lessons about Jesus, from birth to resurrection, and an interactive database detailing his life and ministry. Each of these 6 to 7 minute narrated presentations concludes with a question for discussion and a 6 Question Quiz about each lesson’s content. This “lesson index” makes Life of Christ a terrific tool for Sunday Schools and home learning. The 40 presentations can be played through from 1 to 40 as a game over several hours or days (or classes). The Professor’s Office Bookshelf is a database of multimedia, interactive quizzes. and maps about Christ’s life and the New Testament. When they accumulate several completed quizzes/scores in a topic area, the Scorebook rewards them with an answer to a Clue question about Jesus to put in the Cluebook. As they fill up the 60 slots in the Cluebook, the game gives combination codes to unlock the mystery chests sitting on the Professor’s Bookshelf. The game also rewards them with “combination codes” to unlock the “Mystery Chests” sitting in the Professor’s office. Part of the Game takes place in a Castle: If you’re playing your way through LoC’s content, some of the clues needed to fill-up your cluebook are found only in a 3-D CASTLE which students can explore. The rooms of the Castle are guarded by Jesus Quizzes, and the clues themselves are hidden behind objects. The entire Castle is guarded by a Books of the New Testament ordering game (which our exclusive guide gives you the secret to bypassing). Can’t find an answer to a Castle Quiz? Well, you”ll just have to go look it up on the Professor’s Bookshelf.
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