Les Aventures de Robby le Robot: L'énigme du Sphinx [He] Orient Vision / The Learning Company 1998

The third part of an almost unknown series of educational children's games about Robbie robots created by an Israeli company. The first game, Robokid, was a puzzle and, apparently, was published only in Hebrew. The second, already educational quest, designed to help children learn the rules of the road, was translated into French. The same thing happened with the third part, which is devoted to this brief description. This time, the goal of the developers is to introduce young players to the ancient Egyptian civilization. Actually, about Robbie you can only understand that he lives on the futuristic-medieval planet of robots called Perfect, which is a monarchy, he is a child by age and studies at school. The history of the planet of robots, as it turns out, is somewhat similar to Earth - at least, it once had a civilization reminiscent of ancient Egyptian. The modern enlightened society of robots has created complex holographic technologies, almost a time machine, which allows interested people, including school students, to observe the life of the past in a three-dimensional projection. A Robbie class teacher, in a history lesson, powered up such a machine to show the children the life of an ancient civilization, but due to the hooligan behavior of Voltaire, Robbie's classmate, the latter, who came too close to the hologram, was pulled into it. The car broke down, and Robbie was in the distant past without (yet) the opportunity to return. Actually, the whole game will be dedicated to the search for this very opportunity. Before us is a rather classic point-and-click quest with a third-person view, which, despite the presence of NPCs and dialogues with them, is based primarily on the search for various items, their placement in inventory and the use of specific items in specific situations, and also on various "mechanical" puzzles aimed at children of primary and - at most - middle school age and involving the commission of simple arithmetic operations or, say, building the correct logical sequences. At the same time, one has to admit that certain puzzles - starting, in general, from the very first one - are by no means intuitive and can turn out to be quite complicated for children, and most importantly, the question of their "amusement" is rather controversial. Describing the graphics of games about Robbie is a rather ungrateful matter: it’s practically not known to the Western player, “Israeli 3D”, with poor backgrounds, but relatively high quality, and most importantly, unusually traced characters. Apparently, subtitles are not provided here, so for passing it is highly advisable to be familiar with the French language, while the storyline is hardly complicated - unlike puzzles, they do not require knowledge of the language; that is, if they are solved, then it will be possible to move on.
French ISO Demo 391MB (uploaded by Abandonware France)

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