Rabbids Coding Ubisoft 2019

This is a fun puzzle game with educational subtext. The production is designed to teach the player the basics of coding and uses for this purpose characters known from the popular Rabbids series. The action takes place on a spaceship that has been captured by the Rabbids. The player takes on the role of a person trying to remove the creatures from the vehicle. We observe the game world from different perspectives - the camera moves in such a way as to show us things that are crucial for fun. The basic task of the player is to clean up the spaceship captured by the Rabbids. We do this by giving them orders shaped from instructions made of specific blocks. From time to time the title also requires us to leave a piece of sausage in some place, so we encourage the creature to move. The whole thing is quite simple and intuitive to use. The developers have prepared dozens of different levels, so that production can be completed in a reasonable time. Importantly, we are not punished for failure - we can try again. The basis of the game is the module for a single player - after its completion we also unlock the free mode, which allows you to play without restrictions.
Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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