Minotaur U7 committee, indienova 2019

Early Access Release This is an adventure game set in a new world called The Universe of Seven. It’s story is mainly focused on nine characters who come to find themselves trapped in their apartment building. Nod’s route, which is fully available in this Early Access release, follows a synthet named Nod Pikes as he attempts to escape and come to terms with his past – with help (kind of) from his lovely sharp-tongued AI assistant Ollie. Just like the game overall, Nod’s route has multiple endings. We call them: wicked, sad, very sad, brutal and shocking. All four remaining routes will be added to the game for free. It’s fully voiced over in English by a great cast. It has point and click mechanics at its core, so we’re trying to make the process of pointing and clicking as engaging as possible. In Nod’s route alone, you’ll be solving many different puzzles, fighting an ancient robot, and even climbing lots of stairs. We’re spending a lot of time on making the world of Minotaur feel alive and immersive, and we think that graphics and animations play a huge part in that. Check out our Early Access trailer – everything in it has been captured directly from the game. We’ve listened to thousands of music tracks, and picked the best of them for Nod’s route.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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