Mind Trap Gear Worx Productions 2019

Early Access Release This is a collection of 4 short stories, which are heavily inspired by the 1950's tv show, Twilight Zone, Where the player must explore and follow the clues to learn the truth or their very own fate. Episode One - Denial: Jack Davis a man locked in a state of denial, finds himself in a waking nightmare. Not remembering who he is or where he is, he must uncover the truth by unlocking his own mind. However he might not like what he finds. Episode Two - Turbulence: Suzan Danvers boards a plane due for Alaska, falling asleep on the long flight to wake up and discover that the flight crew and passengers are no where to be found. What horrors await at 30,000 feet? Chapter Three - Left For Dead: Miles Peterson is beaten and left for dead in the middle of nowhere, he stumbles upon a cabin in the woods which he decides would be a safe place to stay for the night. It turns out to be much more than he bargained for. Chapter Four - Grave Mistake: Bill Jefferies is a simple man with a simple job. Working nights at Wood Grove Cemetery as an undertaker. While watching his favorite TV show reruns of Mind Trap, he is startled by strange noises coming from outside. Getting up to investigate those noises... was a grave mistake.
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