Untitled Goose Game House House Games / Panic Inc. 2019

This is a humorous stealth game in which we direct a stubborn and malicious goose that causes problems for the inhabitants of a small village. It throws us on a large three-dimensional sandbox map of a small village whose inhabitants enjoy an idyllic life. The aim of the game is to completely ruin their peaceful day. We play as a malicious goose, which is looking for any chance to make tricks to every person we meet. The action of the game is observed from the isometric view. By controlling the bird, we can interact with people and various objects. The game offers us a whole list of potential tasks, such as stealing specific items or attacking a person. However, some of the more complex and malicious actions are hidden and we have to discover them on our own, using trial and error methods. While playing, we often have to remain unnoticed, sneaking into the target using various covers, such as dense bushes.
Download: None currently available

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