Biorobot's Base Evstigneev D.W. 1994

A very curious Russian project mostly inspired by Delphine Software games ( Another World and Flashback ). The plot is quite simple - anthropomorphic biorobots abduct a man walking in a forest on a space ship, the ship crashes on another planet, and the surviving person explores a territory unfamiliar to him, avoiding contact with a hostile fauna. Around the middle of the game, the main character meets the girl Vicki, who helps the main character in every possible way. Together they must free the rest of the people stolen by biorobots and return to Earth. Gameplay is action with a side view, combined with adventure elements. Character control is quite simple and intuitive - “arrows” for movement and “space” for action (most often - shooting with a blaster found on the basis of biorobots). Separately, it is worth noting the rather high complexity of the action segment. Sometimes the passage of a particular moment may not be obvious to the player. Also, some fragments require strict timing, as well as some tricks (for example, immediately after moving to the next screen, the hero is disintegrated by an enemy blaster shot; to avoid this, you must first press and hold the attack button). Fortunately, author of the game wrote a detailed solution, which also includes some explanations for the plot. Moreover, there is a password system (in the style of console games) to save progress. It uses a special vector engine, sometimes even trying to create some kind of three-dimensionality. Of course, graphics detailing and the number of colors falls short of Another World / Flashback / OnEscapee, but it’s worth noting the well-made animation of cut scenes (without rotoscope!) and high in-game resolution. The key moments of the plot are accompanied by specially drawn illustrations that look quite acceptable, with the emphasized asceticism of the visual style. Sound accompaniment is limited to three melodies (main menu, battle with a biorobot-telekinetic, ending), played on PC-Speaker. In general, for a game created by one person in fact - very, very good.
Full Demo 218kb (uploaded by

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