Evil Crypt Curtis Keisler 1992

This little adventure game was created in 1985 for the TRS-80 and Color Computer computers in order to participate in a competition announced in the magazine. Seven years later, in 1992, the author ported it to DOS, fully preserving the gameplay and appearance of the original. The plot is this: the evil villain imprisoned the wizard Willy in the dungeon and stole his spell book in order to create all kinds of bad things in the world. Our task - in the role of a captive sorcerer to find a way out and stop the villain. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to overcome three confusing maze levels filled with monsters. Unarmed Willy is powerless against enemies and immediately dies, so he will have to look for means of self-defense and other objects useful in such conditions, well, and the transitions to the next stage. The task is complicated by the fact that the interface consists of a decent size window with inventory and a very small window showing what is happening: only our hero and adjacent cells are visible on it (that is, a 3x3 field). And this means that the player will either have to train the photographic memory, or draw a map, since the locations here are not so small. The game is simply overwhelmed by the old school - this is manifested both in monochrome graphics and demanding and unforgiving gameplay.
Free Game 32kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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