Formosa in China [Tw] T-time 1992

One of the first products of the highly successful and well-known Taiwanese company T-Time Technology Co. Ltd (光譜 資訊 股份有限公司). The game combines two different directions (a detective simulator and cognitive geography of the provinces of China). Your task will be quite simple. It is necessary to disclose crimes (theft) committed in different parts of China. The list of suspects is compared with evidence and witness statements. For each disclosed crime, of course, a substantial reward is due. Your personal cash account in the game, by the way, tends to melt very significantly every day of a protracted investigation. So you have to act quickly. You are a kind of nameless detective (the player sets his name at the beginning of the game) and initially rests on a secluded tropical paradise island. I must say that for some reason this island is placed on the game map far to the north-west from the borders of the Celestial Empire, which somehow seems to be not entirely correct from a geographical point of view. To move, just click on the "car keys" in the lower left part of the screen and select a new location for your "location". On the left side of the screen is your personal computer - oddly enough, without the abbreviation IBM. To start the game, you need to turn it on by pressing the “ON” button. Above the computer is a row of floppy disks. These are the menu items. A floppy disk with a green face will call the main one. It will contain the following sub-items: a list of cases of theft (竊案 委託書); "Hall of Fame" of outstanding detectives (偵探 名人堂); player information (玩家 資料 庫) - balance of funds, number of cases opened / not opened, qualifications; as well as a library (地理 圖書館), - geographic information about all corners (provinces) of China is collected here. Why is it necessary for a simple "detective" - ​​it is not clear. The next floppy disk menu in the form of a red face is, as you might guess, personal profiles of famous criminals (罪犯 資料 單). Here are indicated: name (姓名), consisting of two or three characters; gender (性别); blood type (血型); place of birth (籍貫) - this is probably a purely Chinese peculiarity, because the origin greatly affects the dialect of the criminal, that any witnesses can easily identify; special signs (特徵); hobbies (興趣); and color of clothes (服 色). Rog ... the faces of the criminals are all colorful and made in the characteristic Taiwanese caricature style. The next menu item is information from the police. Only simple information is displayed here - for example, whether or not the suspect was in the city at the time the crime was committed. And the last diskette menu is “Page”: this is an analysis by a simple exhaustive search of the totality of signs and characteristics of the suspect according to known witness testimonies. You have to sort out the signs so that the name of some famous criminal clearly appears at the bottom of the table. At the bottom of the screen, to the left of the white background, there is a very important point - the testimony of witnesses (訪問 證人). You need to click on it with the cursor - and the witness will appear on the screen. It is this information that is primary for you, and from it you will sort through all the suspects from the list, and the police will then say “Yes” or “No” to the question about the fact of his stay in the city. Good quality graphics: 8-bit color with a screen resolution of 640x480, but with a contrasting palette and dithering was used. Sounds are available in small quantities, but there is even digitized Chinese speech for some of the menu items. Well, the game deserves a good grade. True, playing without knowledge of the language is a rather dubious occupation: you need to read and analyze a lot of different information in Chinese.
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