Tuguli: Wieże Aniołów (cancelled) [PL] Optimus Nexus 1997

The canceled project from the reputable Polish publisher and computer game developer whom we know first of all from the chic 3D shooter Pył (1998). This adventure game was announced everywhere as “completely Polish”: plot, programming, graphics, music. Your character's name is Pavel Rybak. The rhythm of his monotonous life was violated by a packet with a letter that has been kept in London since the 18th century. It was signed by Ernest Chlieffer, who had been dead for many years. After reading a mysterious letter, Paul goes to the southern Carpathians to find the gloomy Tuguli castle. Having found this place and passing through the gate, he realizes that there will be no way back. In abandoned premises, he finds evidence of terrible experiments on people. Also there he meets the first mention of a certain Avalares. In the end, Paul realizes that he was the victim of a ploy, and all this is a trap. Now its only purpose is to permanently close the last chapter in the centuries-old bloody history of the Tuguli castle. In general, you will visit an ancient abandoned castle located among the Carpathian mountains, in which they were engaged in something very inhuman. The gameplay starts right at the gate. Moving is like a discrete one: only from one selected point to another. And the phase of movement of your character is drawn quickly and accurately enough. You can turn your head (camera). This is done very slowly - at about the same speed as a U-turn of a heavy passenger airliner. But if you press LShift, it will be a little faster. Using the space bar, you move to the next point on the map that appears in the field of view. If it does not fall within the boundaries of the game screen, the program will determine and direct you along the route segment that it has chosen. Sometimes it’s very annoying, since it’s obviously impossible to know. The locations are really gloomy. You explore the castle alone, which additionally should catch up with the "horror". The screen and game panel in a single form are designed, as it were, in the form of a radio or television receiver from the good old 1960s with “vintage” handles for switching between menu items. In addition to the old castle (the file to run is podworze.bat), the developers in the demo also offered another interesting location on the Sci-Fi theme (the file to run is kosmos.bat). It was necessary to walk on some kind of space base of the future. In the end, the gamer's work was rewarded with a video with a spectacular launch of the spacecraft. How these two locations were supposed to be connected with each other - the answer is to look for yourself. The graphics are dirty and coarse-grained, but the announcements claimed that the design of the cards and views on them was done by professionals in 3D Studio "in accordance with the highest computer graphics standards of the late twentieth century." The screen size is 640x480, but the good part of it is eaten up by the same non-removable “radio receiver” at the edges. The color display mode is 8 bit. Many animated cut scenes were promised. The soundtrack should be given credit to composers, very gloomy and atmospheric. The developers announced the planned support for MMX technology, which was really a huge feature in 1997. In general, the demo creates a dull impression of the canceled product: very weak. Especially the well-mockingly monstrously slow rotation of the character’s camera and the discrete movement are especially good. The game was supposed to go as far as 4 CDs (!): On the first three - the necessary files and mostly videos, and on the fourth - music tracks. Something comically begins to resemble that gorgeous scene from a classic Soviet film, when in response to Schvonder’s claims about the excessively large occupied space, Professor Preobrazhensky replied: “ And I would like to have an eighth (room) - I need it under the library! ".
Polish Level Demo 185MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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