Adventures of the Little Red Riding Cap Game Factory Interactive 2008

A jolly easy-going girl starts for a well-known trip to her grandmother, as we all remember it by a classic fairy-tale by Charles Perrault. Not everyone knows what difficulties she has faced on her way. To bake patties, you have to pick up berries, get flour and milk, knead dough – and that's just a beginning. Moreover, the village is inhabited by simple sociable folk, who is always ready to take the help of a curious and kind-hearted girl. Welcome to Riding Hood's new adventures! Key features include: Classical plot interweaved with multiple intriguing details; over 10 chapters, including simple and complex tasks; over 20 mini-games for a comfortable inter-search rest; soundtrack from a popular namesake film; tempting atmosphere of freedom and adventure.
Russian ISO Demo 704MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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