Cursed Roots MastroBros 2019

This is a point and click adventure game where a trip to your foster parents quickly transforms into a nightmare. You will soon find out that things are not as they seem, your uncle mysteriously passed away and you will end up trapped in a haunted house full of terrible creatures. You will need to use your wits and imagination to combine everyday items and survive the aberrations of the house... but be quick. As you will always be under pressure from wandering horrors. Discover the past of your ancestors and escape your Cursed Roots. Features: Use and combine more than 70 different items; 20+ locations you can explore; Dark, immersive horror story with numerous twists; Difficult logical puzzles; Beautiful, retro-inspired 2D graphics; Random chases and encounters; Soundtrack by Nicolas Gasparini (“Myuu”); You can befriend a rat.
Download: None currently available

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