Arise: A Simple Story Piccolo Studio / Techland 2019

Set out on an adventure through the changing landscapes of memories lush with feelings of love and loss. It's a platform-enriched adventure game. Every moment of this rollercoaster ride is a new challenge and a chance to see your life in a different light. Enter the wonderful world of memories and feelings brought to life by talented artists. Discover the heartfelt magic in your personal, everyday struggles thanks to the game’s soulful music and beautiful art direction. Control the flow of time and change your surroundings from the shifting of seconds to entire seasons. Fast forward, move back or pause time to relive your memories and overcome every obstacle on your journey. Invite a second player to help you control time and enjoy the journey together. The easy to pick-up nature of Arise keeps everyone engaged and lets them experience the emotional story to its fullest.
Download: None currently available

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