Legend of Sword and Fairy 5, The / Chinese Paladin 5 [Ch] Softstar Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd / Softstar Entertainment Inc. 2011

This is the sixth installment in the Legend of Sword and Fairy (or Chinese Paladin) video game series, and serves as a sequel to the second game. This 3D RPG game itself has been so popular in China that it formed a basis for a very popular Live TV-show series called “The Chinese Paladin” which is still on TV nowadays. The game incorporates elements of wuxia, shenmo and fantasy. The ancient blood family is now awakening again. Human nature and magic heart, fate and blood, morality and love, when these are in front at the same time, how to choose. The seal of the millennium, connecting the two worlds of the god of the god well has become the focus of the six circles, the fate of all people gradually intertwined. Four people with different secrets meet, acquaintance, know each other, the original plain life gradually began to rise waves. The truth of the matter is often not visible to the naked eye, for the sake of the loved ones, even if never again and never look back. When had to face the cruel reality, only adhere to the faith in the heart, but can not repent this life, the afterlife and then continue the fairy land. Features: In-game equipment can be divided into weapons, protective gear and accessories, which can be obtained through store purchases, synthesis systems and rewards for completing side tasks. Among them, weapons are divided into two hand-held weapons (such as double knives, double swords, etc.), umbrellas, long guns and rings; Some of the equipment is available through a synthesis system; Synthesis conditions: 1, the characters get the formula after clicking, can learn the corresponding synthesis; Special Events - After the player obtains the three-in-one formula, the synthetic item has a certain chance of a special event. There are two types of special events- exclamation point events and question mark events. Special event trigger will will open the game - the composition container will flash several times a few different colors of flame, the player needs to go through the time bar, then click the corresponding flame color button below to complete the game, the wrong immediately end, only get the original composition results; Exclamation event - Double the number of synthetic items when you're done the game correctly; Question Mark Event - Get an item outside of the recipe after completing the mini-game correctly.
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Chinese ISO Demo 5.05GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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